Penmaenuchaf Hall has reviewed all aspects of the hotel operations, in line with recommendations and guidance from the UK Hospitality Cymru, Public Health England/Wales and W.H.O., so we can protect our customers and team members and safely welcome you back. These measures include but are not limited to:

We will be undertaking intensive preparations and cleaning to ensure Penmaenuchaf Hall is ready to welcome everyone to the hotel. Because of the nature of the situation we know that this is an ongoing process and we will be reviewing and updating our policies and procedure in line with Government announcements and public health guidelines to ensure we follow the industry best practice.



Pre arrival guest instructions/information. We will provide an information sheet with each accommodation reservation which covers all the steps taken by Penmaenuchaf Hall for safety and sanitisation along with the new operational protocols for the restaurant, room service, housekeeping and laundry procedures that will remain in place for the duration of the COVID-19 restrictions.

We will make clear pre-stay communications communicate the extra measures that are being taken, to offer reassurance.

Test, Trace, Report procedure. The date, time, name, mobile telephone number of every visitor to Penmaenuchaf Hall, including chance callers, will be recorded. This information will be used if necessary.

In the event of a guest presenting COVID-19 symptoms whilst staying at the hotel, they will be asked to return home immediately, to isolate or call their GP or call 111 depending on the severity of symptoms. The guest room will be isolated for 72 hours and then thoroughly sanitised.



Upon arrival all guests will be asked to sanitise their hands.

Social distancing applies throughout including public areas and outside terrace/gardens.

Please help us by respecting social distancing and keep 2 metres away from others.

It is compulsory to wear a mask in all public areas inside the hotel.

Please do not congregate in any of our public areas both inside and outside the hotel.

We will provide sanitisation stations at primary entrances and key high traffic areas within the hotel.

Antibacterial hand gel and facemask will available to guests on request.

Hourly sanitation of all public toilets, staircases and high touch points in public areas.

Hand towels will be replaced with paper towels in all public toilet areas. Pedal bins with lids and liners will be used for waste paper.

Guests will be asked to use the toilet facilities in their personal bedrooms rather than use the public toilets.



A credit/debit card pre-authorisation will be taken for everyone checking-in to the hotel.

The card machine will be sanitised after every transaction.

Our team member will confirm reservation times for breakfast and/or dinner. We ask that these times are adhered to, to avoid congestion and assist with the flow of service.

Your account will be delivered to your room on your day of departure.

You will be asked if you would like housekeeping to service your room or prefer to have only fresh towels/tea/coffee etc., delivered to your room ('Light Housekeeping').

Our receptionist will remain behind the desk and will be able to answer any queries you may have.

Desktop and equipment, including pens, will be sanitised regularly.

Rooms will be available from 3.00pm to allow for enhanced cleaning and sanitation.

Keys will be sanitised after each guests use and wiped with disinfectant wipe before use.

Guests who require luggage assistance will respectfully be asked to wait in reception whilst the luggage is brought to/from the room. The staff member will wear a fresh pair of gloves each time.

We will no longer offer a newspaper delivery service.

We will no longer offer a turn down service.



There will be no need for guests to check out traditionally at reception.

All final bills will be emailed or delivered to rooms on the day of departure. In the event of any issues we will ask you to call reception.

If we do not hear from you by 11.00 am we will assume you are happy with your bill. Your bill will then be charged to the card used for your pre-authorisation on arrival.

Upon departure please leave your key in your room.



All rooms will not be entered after being sanitised and checked by a member of our housekeeping team. A door seal will be visible on doors to indicate to guests that their room as not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned.

Bedroom access will be restricted. No access will be made to the bedroom during a guests stay. Housekeeping or maintenance team members will only enter the bedroom on the guest request, to service the bedroom or fix a reported maintenance issue. We respectfully ask guests not to be present in the room during this time.

Penmaenuchaf Hall will be offering a 'Light Housekeeping' service where no one will enter the room for the duration of their stay. If any items are needed they can be requested from reception by telephone. Our traditional housekeeping service will still be available. This will be organised at check-in.

If a member of staff has to enter a bedroom whilst the room is occupied the team member will be wearing PPE.

All peripheral amenities in bedrooms, i.e., pens, paper, guest directories, mini bar contents, will be removed.

All in room crockery and glassware will be processed in dishwashers operating a rinse cycle of 82 degrees centigrade.

Vacuum cleaner dust bags will be replaced every five days, regardless of whether they are full or not.

Bins will be disinfected with appropriate anti-microbial cleaning agent.

Each time a bedroom is serviced we will ensure it is ventilated by opening window(s) for a prolonged period of time.



Tables and chairs in the restaurant will be positioned to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

We will operate a strict booking system for all meal times, including breakfast. Menus will be limited in order for food to be produced in a socially distanced manner in our kitchens. This will in no way impact on the quality of food on offer and we will still be able to facilitate adapted menu items for specific dietary needs.

Our conventional menu folders will be replaced with single use menus.

All high-touch surfaces and shared spaces will have increased frequency of cleaning with high grade disinfectants and sanitiser.

Team members servicing will be wearing PPE to mitigate incidents when social distancing is not possible, i.e., table service.

Cutlery/crockery and glassware will be cleaned in dishwasher operating a rinse of 82 degrees.

Cutlery will be enveloped in a clean cloth napkin, placed on the dining table ready for use.

Wine glasses will be presented when wine is served.

Breakfast buffet display will not be in place but all items normally on the buffet can be ordered at the same time as the cooked food is ordered.

A 10.00 pm curfew applies, whereby food and drinks service will cease at this time and the restaurant must be vacated. Guests will be invited to finish any drinks in the public lounges.

The bar will not be accessible to guests. Full drinks service will be provided in the public lounges, on the terrace and by room service until 10.00pm.

Guests are not permitted to gather in groups of more than 6 indoors, parties of up to 6 indoors must all be from one extended household/'bubble'.

All dinner time guests will be invited to take a seat at their allocated dining table to minimise congestion in public lounges.

Pre-dinner drinks, canapés and order taking will take place from allocated dining tables.



A limited room service menu will be available. Guests are asked to phone reception to order and will be given an estimated time of arrival.

Room service will be taken and placed outside the room. We will never hand or receive a tray directly to/from a guest.

The tray will be delivered, leaving it outside the room and will knock to let the guest know the tray is there. We will call a few minutes later to ensure everything is to the guests satisfaction.

We will not ask for signatures for room service. All trays and cutlery will be sanitised/cleaned before delivery.

Guests should not leave trays outside the room unless they have called reception to have them collected or have organised a collection time.

Staff members delivering and collecting room service trays will wear PPE at all times and will not enter the guests bedroom.



We will enforce mandatory temperature checks on all team members on arrival at work. Any team member displaying / suffering from COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to return home immediately, quarantine or contact their local doctor's surgery or call 111 depending on severity of symptoms.

All team members will be asked to wash hands upon arrival to work and to use hand sanitiser during working hours.

All team members will be instructed not to engage in unnecessary conversations and apply social distancing regulations when possible.

Team members will be given PPE as indicated by public health guidelines relevant to the work they are carrying out. COVID Secure Monitors will monitor the proper use of PPE.

PPE will be replaced and disinfected as required.

All team members will be asked to enforce hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette and respiratory hygiene.

Windows will be kept open to aid ventilation in all front and back of house areas.

Wash hand basins will be equipped with necessary utilities; hot water, antibacterial liquid soap and paper towels.

All utility waste bins will be lidded, pedal-operated and lined.

Alcohol-rub / hand sanitiser will be located at strategic traffic points.

Signage will be displayed in conspicuous areas and notice boards reminding team members to enforce strict coughing and sneezing etiquette, hand washing, hand sanitisation and social distancing requirements.



We will ensure alcohol-rub / hand sanitiser will be located at strategic points.

The office will be have social distancing seating. Team members will no longer sit face to face but will sit back to back or side to side if necessary.

High touch points such as desks, chairs, door handles, light switches, telephones, keyboard, mouse, printer, copier, scanner etc., will be frequently sanitised.

In the event of internal staff meetings, seating will be within social distancing regulations, alcohol hand rub with be readily available. Windows will be open for ventilation.



When receiving goods our team members will continue to observe excellent respiratory and hygiene standards as well as social distancing guidelines.

When receiving goods and in line with HACCP standards, any food transported in dirty containers or dirty vehicles will be rejected. No more than one delivery will be allowed at a time to ensure social distancing can be carried out.

The good inwards entrance area will be sanitised using appropriate cleaning agents, at regular intervals.

All food packaging will be sanitised using appropriate cleaning agents before being moved into the appropriate storage area. Where possible outer packaging will be removed once unloaded.



Hand sanitation is mandatory with hand sanitisers at appropriate locations in all back of house areas.

Appropriate social distancing between team members is essential when using service corridors.



The kitchen area will continue to be sanitised at regular intervals as dictated by hotel cleaning schedules and local authority guidelines.

Kitchen team members will adhere to social distancing when possible. Work stations, where possible, will be placed in such a way that team members are not facing each other.

All team members will wear disposable masks and gloves as dictated by public health guidelines, our HACCP schedule and cleaning chemicals MSDS.

High touch points in the kitchen areas will continue to be cleaned and disinfected, i.e., food preparation equipment and food contact surfaces, including chopping boards as dictated by the company HACCP. All implements will be washed in a dishwasher with a rinse of 82 degrees. This will be monitored and recorded in our HACCP monitoring records throughout the day.



Our team members working practices have been amended in such a way that members can maintain appropriate social distances, i.e., one housekeeping team member per room.

All team members will wear disposable masks, gloves and aprons when processing soiled linen or guests laundry.

We will minimize exposure in guest rooms as much as possible. All guest laundry items will be placed in closed bags and not overfilled when in transit.

When delivering/retrieving guest items to rooms our team members will wear PPE in all public areas, as required by public health guidelines.

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